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Selecting a Next-Generation Firewall: Top 10 Considerations

Get tips before you buy your next firewall.

Many midsize companies have reached a critical moment with their network security: They must reinforce their traditional security solution to address new trends arising from mobility and cloud, and meet a rising threat landscape. These dynamics complicate the challenge of maintaining network security, and tax the network’s ability to perform optimally for the business.

Traditional firewalls are not effective at seeing what users are doing, the types of applications they’re accessing, or the devices they’re using. Next-generation firewalls are designed to help close some of the gaps. This document offers 10 considerations for midsize companies to weigh when evaluating a next-generation firewall solution:

  1. Is the firewall built on a comprehensive stateful firewall foundation?
  2. Does the solution support robust, secure remote access for mobile users?
  3. Does the firewall provide proactive threat protection?
  4. Can the firewall maintain performance when multiple security services are running?
  5. Does the solution offer deep visibility into applications with granular application controls?
  6. Is the firewall able to deliver user, network, application, and device intelligence to help drive context-aware protection?
  7. Does the firewall offer cloud-based web security?
  8. Can you deploy a future-proof solution that can scale as your organisation grows?
  9. Does the firewall vendor have extensive support and services to ease the migration path?
  10. Does the firewall vendor offer attractive financing options to speed deployment time?

For answers to these considerations, read our article here.

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